Documentary Films


a film by Solveig Klaßen

a LICHTBLICK FILM production
in co-production with CICC and ZDF / Arte
in collaboration with YLE

worldsales: United Docs

HD / 82 & 52 minutes / Stereo / Color

Traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) has long since arrived in the West. To find out more about the roots of this millennia-old science we go on a journey through China and to the people who practice TCM: family doctors who pass on their knowledge and secret recipes from generation to generation, acupuncturists who cure chronic illnesses or natural healers whose ancient recipes can make bones grow back together again. They are all masters of their profession, and their patients travel from all over Southeast Asia to see them. Together they open up to us an authentic, deep insight into how the traditional healing methods actually work. They are all based on `Chi´– the mysterious life force. The film reveals a hidden China that is unimpressed by the dazzling facades of the modern world.

written and directed by: Solveig Klaßen
producer: Carl-Ludwig Rettinger
co-producer: Juliet Zhao
commissioning editors: ZDF/arte - Susanne Mertens, YLE - Jenny Westergard
sound by: Zhang Yong
DoP: Hans Rombach, Andreas Deinert
editor: Katharina Schmidt
music by: Michael Klaukien, Andreas Lonardoni

Kos Health Film Festival