Documentary Films


A film by Maurizius Staerkle Drux

A production by LICHTBLICK FILM
In Co-Production with 2:1 Film, WDR and BR
Funded by Film- and Mediaboard NRW, DFFF, Zurich Film Foundation, BAK, Alexis Victor Thalberg Stiftung 

Gottfried Böhm is widely regarded as Germany’s preeminent architect. The son of a master builder of churches, he is the patriarch of a modern architecture dynasty to which his three sons Stephan, Peter und Paul now belong.  By realizing outstanding prominent buildings of their own, the Böhm fils have managed to step out of the shadow of their famous father. But the ongoing crisis in the German construction industry, among other things, has stoked the fires of competition between the brothers. Gottfried, now 94, still contributes daily to the work on current planning and construction projects. With the death of his wife Elisabeth, also an architect and a key source of inspiration for all four Böhms, the family loses its emotional lodestone. Can the fragile architecture of the family business a viable model for the future?The film paints an intimate and pointed portrait of the complexity and inseparability of life, love, faith, art and architecture.

Writer/Director: Maurizius Staerkle Drux
DoP Raphael Beinder
Editing: Anika Simon
Music: Jonas Bühler
Commissioning Editors: Jutte Krug, WDR/ Claudia Gladziejewski, BR 
CO-producers: Lisa Blatter, Jan Gassmann
Producer: Carl-Ludwig Rettinger


Rapael Beinder, DOP of the film, is nominated for Michael Ballhaus Preis für Kameraabsolven at First Steps Awards 2015
Anika Simon is on the short list at Montageforum Filmplus for the Bildkunst Schnittpreis Dokumentarfilm 2015

International Architecture and Urban Films Festival Istanbul
, Honorable Mention

29 Bozner Festival 2015
 > Prize for best documentary film
Festival of international Films on Art Montreal >Jury Award 2015 
Filmfestival Max Öphuls Preis >Honorable Mention of the Jury 2015 
Dok Leipzig Festival > Documentary Film Prize of the Goethe-Institut

, 57. DOK Leipzig International Festival for Documentary Film and Animationfilm, Competition, 27.10.2014- 02.11.2014

Park City
, Slamdance Film Festival Park City, 23.01.2015- 29.01.2015
Solothurn, 50. Solothurner Filmtage, Wettbewerb, 22.01.2015- 29.01.2015
Saarbrücken, 36. Filmfestival Max Öphuls Preis Saarbrücken, Wettbewerb, 19.01.2015- 25.01.2015
Bozen, 29 Bozner Filmtage 2015
Tartu, Estland,
World Film Festival, 15.03.2015
Festival International du Film sur l'Art (FIFA), 20.03-29.03.2015 
, Beton Festival, 9.04.2015 -12.04.2015
USA, Dallas, International FIlm Festival 09.-19.04.2015
Tel Aviv, Festival Doc Aviv 2015, 10.05- 15.05
Arab Center for Architecture via Swiss Embassy
Istanbul, International Architecture and Urban Films Festival
Madrid, Architektenkammer COAM, 6.10.2015
Medimed Docmarket, 9. - 11.10.2015
New York, Architecture and Design Film Festival 13.- 18.10.15
Chicago, 15. -29.10.2015
Heerlen, 12.10.2015
Film Plus, 23.- 26.10.2015 
Rumänien, Urban Eye
Houston, Texas, Cinema Arts Festival, 18.11.2015
Florenz, Lo schermo dell´Arte Film Festival, 18.-22.11.2015
Amersfort, Niederlande, Center for Architecture, 19.11.2015
Sichuan, TV-Festival, Gold Panda
Seoul, International Architecture Film Festival (SIAFF)

, Short Film Collective, 2.-9.01.2016
Norsk Filminstitut, 1. Filmfestival on Architecture, 15. + 20.01.2016
Providence, Art and Design Film Festival, 6.11.2016

Vorführungen über Goethe Institute weltweit
Lisboa, Kino Filmfest
Nancy, Ecole d´Architecture
Barcelona, Festival Doc
Bogota, Docs Film Festival Medellin
Mexico, Deutsche Filmwochen
Jakarta, 4 German Cinemas
Wellington, Deutsche Filme bei Filmsocieties
Puebla, Mexiko
Riga, Berlinale 2015
Singapore, GFF
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Santiago de Chile, Chile, Architekturfestival
Amersfort, Netherlands
Hong Kong, China
New Zealand