Documentary Films


A film by Margo Harkin

A co-production by LICHTBLICK FILM
with Besom Productions, ZDF/ arte, RTE
in collaboration with Irish Film Board

Digi Beta / 85 minutes / Stereo / Color

Bloody Sunday in Derry has been covered countless times by journalists from throughout the world yet this film is the first account by a local filmmaker who was an eye witness to the tragic events of that day. On 30th January 1972 the British Army shot dead thirteen unarmed civilians taking part in a civil rights march to the town centre. At the subsequent Tribunal of Inquiry Lord Chief Justice Widgery exonerated the soldiers and blighted the reputation of those who were killed and wounded by describing them as gunmen and bombers. In 1998, in a move that was widely seen as significant in sealing the Northern Ireland peace process, Prime Minister Tony Blair announced a new Tribunal of Inquiry to be led by Lord Saville of Newdigate.

This highly personal documentary by Margo Harkin follows the long search for the truth at the second Inquiry held in Derry and London as witness hearings were heard over a period of six years. It tells the inside story of the people whose lives have been dramatically changed as a result of Bloody Sunday and reveals many new eye witness accounts by families and friends of the dead and those wounded on the day.  Banty Nash and Linda Roddy in particular reveal the raw pain still suffered today by their family after their 19 year old brother William Nash was shot dead and their father was wounded by British Army paratroopers.

writer/director/production manager: Margo Harkin
producer: Carl-Ludwig Rettinger
commissional editor: RTE - Kevin Dawson, ZDF/arte - Anne Even
DoP: Paddy Stevenson
editors: Jim Davies, David Gray
music by: John O´Neil

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