Documentary Films


a film by Gabrielle Pfeiffer

a production by LICHTBLICK Film
in co-production with ZDF/ arte
in collaboration with MEDIA- Programme

52 minutes / Dolby Digital / Color

worldsales: united docs

If your parents and all photographs of them disappeared, would you still remember their faces after 50 years? What happens when a whole generation is stripped of images of their loved ones and all visual record of their experience?

In the years that Stalin ruled the Soviet Union, some 20 million people, so-called “enemies of the state”, were killed or perished in labor camps. To own a photograph of any of these people was itself punishable by death. Families cut loved ones out of group portraits, school children blacked revolutionary heroes out of their history books, and the secret police destroyed whatever was left.

In FACING THE DEAD, filmmaker Gabrielle Pfeiffer travels through today’s Russia on a quest for the lost faces of a generation.

writer/director: Gabrielle Pfeiffer
producer: Carl-Ludwig Rettinger
commissional editor: ZDF/ arte Martin Pieper
DoP: Valentin Savenkov
editor: Gabrielle Pfeiffer
sound by: Sergey Igoryevich Gluskin

Golden Gate Award Best TV Documentary Short,
San Francisco International Film Festival