Documentary Films


A film by Kolin Schult

A production by LICHTBLICK FILM
in co-production with DFFB, ZDF/ arte

73 minutes / Color

In the Mid-1960s, Monika and Franz live as a typical small family with their three children – until Monika falls in love with Adrian, her husband’s best friend. In 1967, they are all caught by the hippie-fever in San Francisco and travel around the world for the next two decades. In Thailand, a third man, Ekki, comes along. Two more children are born and a native child is adopted in the Senegal. The story of this unusual family is accompanied by private Super-8-pictures and a soundtrack that revives the eventful 1970s.

At the end of the 1970s, Franz cannot stand the mental strain anymore and goes back to Europe. Two years later, Ekki leaves the family as well and goes to California to undergo primal scream therapy and, still later, gets friendly with Monika's mother. Adrian works as an architect for the UN and still lives with Monika. The six children are now grown up and live all-over the world. At the beginning of 1993, Monika and Adrian - alone for the first time - move to Pakistan where Adrian builds schools for the German development service.

Writer / Director: Kolin Schult
Producer: Carl-Ludwig Rettinger
Commissional Editors: ZDF/arte – Anne Even, Peter Nadermann
DoP: Max Rheinländer, Kolin Schult
Editor: Guido Krajewski

Adolf-Grimme Preis