Documentary Films


A film by Harald Friedl

A Production by Navigator Film and Lichtblick Film

In Coproduction with ORF and ZDF/arte
Supported by the Austrian Filminstitute, Filmfonds Wien, FISA, and the State of Lower Austria

Distributor Germany: Real Fiction Filmverleih
Distributor Austria: Filmladen Filmverleih 

90 min / Colour / DCP, 5.1 Digital 


The simple staple bread has become a branded product with an increasing number of varieties and providers. The film provides authentic impressions in today’s world of bread. We encounter small craft bakers as well as corporate CEOs who professionally work on the daily bread and ask the question: How do you see the future of our bread? And: What are we actually eating?

Author & Director: Harald Friedl

Producer: Johannes Holzhausen, Johannes Rosenberger, Constantin Wulff (Navigator Film) | Carl-Ludwig Rettinger (Lichtblick Film)
Editors: Susanne Mertens, Martin Pieper (ZDF/arte)
Image composition: Helmut Wimmer
Montage: Martin Kayser-Landwehr BFS
Sound: Tong Zhang, Nora Czamler
Music: Gerald Schuller