Documentary Series


a documentary series by Maria Hemmleb

a co-production of LICHTBLICK FILM,
in collaboration with YLE TEEMA

Running time: 5 x 26’

Figure skating – that spells grace, passion and powerful expression. Every year millions of enthusiastic viewers fill the stadiums and stay glued to their TV screens to watch the wonders worked by the stars of the scene on the ice. For decades, the Russian skaters have been the leaders of the pack, consistently dominating the top slots in the global rankings. With their special blend of perfect dance moves and stunning aesthetics they have decisively influenced the form. The docu-soap ‘Ice Fever’ gives us a look-in at the top Russian training academy for the elite of the ice: the figure skating school in St. Petersburg. This is where raw young Russian figure skating talent is honed for global domination of the artful sport. The trainers, such as ‘Ice Professor‘ Alexei Mishin, are legendary and have guided the careers of innumerable Olympic medalists and world champions, including Evgeny Plushenko, currently the world number one in the field. Every year hundreds of children apply for admission, hoping to follow in the glorious “blade tracks” of their ice idols, but only a very rare few gain entry into the select squad of trainees. One of them is Arthur, an exceptionally gifted 10-yr.old skater who spends many hours each day honing his natural talent.

writer/director: Maria Hemmleb
producer/dramaturgy by: Carl-Ludwig Rettinger
commissional editors: arte G.E.I.E. - Anett Sager, YLE Finnland - Leena Pasanen
DoP: Barbara Metzlaff
editor: Betina Vogelsang
sound by: Sergei Moshkov, Pascal Capitolin
music by: Ramon Kramer
narrator: Robert Missler

13. to 17.12.2004, daily 20:15 at arte