Documentary Series


a series by Claudia Richarz and Carl-Ludwig Rettinger

a production by LICHTBLICK FILM
in co-production with WDR and arte

Digi Beta / 10 x 28 Minutes / Stereo / Color

Sixty million Germans want to lose weight. However despite magazine-diets and fitness centres, only a few manage. These things might help to get rid of a few pounds but if you want to lose weight permanently, you have to change your life and that is the subject of this documentary series.

When five lively women from Essen commit to a 'lighter' future on New Year's Eve 1998, they have a hard journey ahead of them: low-fat yoghurt instead of double cream, running instead of shopping and no burgers or chocolate to help tackle the stresses and strains of every-day life. They will have to turn all that upside down and find different ways of coping. One of the women will change her job during the series, another one will build a house, and one will find the man of her dreams and get married.

For two years, the director Claudia Richarz accompanied the women with her camera. With great sensitivity patience and humour she succeeds in presenting every-day reality in a lively and interesting way, a task made all the easier by the openness and common sense of her protagonists from the Ruhr area. The five strong, clever women used their involvement in the series to get to know themselves better and - despite their doubts - lose weight. The question is: How long can they hold onto their new figures?

Elke Heidenreich (Episodes 1-4)

director/DoP: Claudia Richarz
writer/producer: Carl-Ludwig Rettinger
commissional editors: WDR - Rolf Bringmann, arte G.E.I:E. - Ulle Schröder
sound recordist: Tomas Sorig
mixer: Gerd Nesgen
editor: Gesa Marten
music episode 1-4 by: Rainer Brüninghaus
music/song episodes 5-10 by: Loy Wesselburg; Rafael Durcic, Kai Werner

Nominierung Rose d’Or Monreux