Documentary Series


a documentary series by Bea Wilmes

a LICHTBLICK FILM production
co-produced by WDR and arte

running time: 5 x 26’

"Having women on board brings bad luck...“ most seafaring men are still convinced of that today. So what are women doing on war ships, of all things? In fact, female sailors have already been a reality in the German navy since 2001. After a groundbreaking of decision of the European High Court, female cadets and officer cadets will now be trained for armed navel duty.

Anna, Sabrina, Kerstin and Christina are all part of the first training course. A total of only 36 women have made it through the rigorous selection process. Along with the other necessary qualifications it takes a lot of courage for these women to enter such a traditionally male domain. It’s a long, stormy voyage to becoming an officer or even a captain of the German navy, and not all of them will stay the course. ‘Women to the fore‘ accompanies the four young female recruits from the first early morning roll call through the strenuous basic training to high-sea maneuvers aboard the sailing vessel ‘Gorch Fock‘, right through to the first outing on a war ship.

writer/director: Beatrix Wilmes
producer/dramaturgy by: Carl-Ludwig Rettinger
commissional editors: arte G.E.I.E. - Anett Sager, WDR - Rolf Bringmann
DoP: Claudia Richarz
editor: Gesa Marten
sound by: Maarten van de Voort, Andreas Bäuerle, Bernd Rottländer
narrator: Julia Beerhold