Documentary Series


a documentary series by Kolin Schult and Carl-Ludwig Rettinger

a LICHTBLICK FILM production
in co-production with BR and arte

running time: 5 x 26’

There are six million dog owners in Germany. The pet dog is usually treated as a member of the family and often takes the place of a human family altogether. Nowhere does the longing for love and affection find more emphatic expression than in the relationship to “man’s best friend”.

But what happens when the dog starts to tear into curtains, carpets and shoes; when, fangs bared and snarling, it tries to protect its mistress from her husband; when it starts to chase after cars or, worse yet, the neighbors?
That’s when it’s time for dog and owner to go see a dog trainer together, because in fact it is not just the dogs, but primarily the owners themselves whose behavior needs looking into. Many people undergo life-changing experiences in the process; after all, the human companion has to change before the dog’s behavior can be corrected.

director/DoP: Kolin Schult
producer/writer: Carl-Ludwig Rettinger
commissional editors: arte G.E.I.E. - Anett Sager, BR - Volker Hartmann
editor: Gerhard Schick
sound by: Andi Kickel, Terrence Huth
narrator: Volker Risch