a film by Antje Kruska and Judith Keil

a LICHTBLICK FILM production
in co-production with LICHTBLICK MEDIA, ZDF/Das kleine Fernsehspiel
in collaboration with arte and with MDM, medienboard Berlin-Brandenburg, BKM/Kuratorium junger deutscher Film, Filmstiftung NRW

99 minutes / color / 35mm, HD Cam, Digital Beta

A small town in Eastern Germany. Three young men, all of them outsiders, become friends: Richy (16), who is teased at school, Tim (16), who has moved from the west with his parents and has difficulties getting used to his new life, and Marco (18), who has problems coping with his parents' separation and the rejection he experiences from his father. Richy admires the strong and uncommunicative Marco.

As Richy proves his shared interest in Marco's obsessions – glass-moving séances, martial arts and satanic visions – he manages to attract Marco's attention. Tim is fascinated by the supernatural as well. Together, the trio experience a stormy and climactic period. They are convinced of their ability to influence their environment and their lives with newly gained „satanic powers“. However, whereas everything only meant more fun and adventure at the beginning for Richy and Tim, it increasingly becomes a matter of existential necessity for Marco. He is absolutely consumed by the notion that he and his two friends should become warriors to assist Satan in achieving world dominion.

Richy, who has become subservient to Marco, nonetheless gains more self-confidence, and as a result he is able to confess his true feelings to a girl, Nicole. A gentle love affair develops, which Richy must hide from his friends, as he realizes Marco would not tolerate Nicole's presence in their circle.
The more the friendship of the three initiates grows, the more they are forced to experience conflicts between their worldview and the limits of concrete reality. In a discoteque Marco is assaulted by his archrival, Ronnie, and is denounced in front of all the spectators. This defeat triggers an existential crisis in Marco's life, which then sows the seed for an even more radical idea.
Richy, who loves Nicole, agrees heavy-heartedly to Marco's plan of „get down to“ Satan.
This plan fails at first, as Satan unexpectedly refuses to respond to the glass-moving summoning of the trio. When Richy's relationship with Nicole is unveiled shortly thereafter, Marco is convinced to have found the cause of Satan's rejection. Richy is ejected from the trio of initiates. Left to his own devices once again, he falls into a bottomless pit of desperation. In order to regain Marco's favor and save their common mission, Richy resolves to „sacrifice“ his girlfriend.

As a result, he sets the fateful course that takes the three friends to a tragic finale well beyond the attentions of the adult world.

Christian Blümel
Vincent Krüger
Willi Gerk
Ceci Chuh

written and directed by: Antje Kruska und Judith Keil
producer: Joachim Ortmanns
co-producer: Martin Heisler
commissioning editors: ZDF - Christian Cloos, ZDF/arte - Doris Hepp
production manager: Bülent Nacaksiz
unit production manager: Gabriele Simon
dramaturge: Tanja Baran
DoP: Marcus Winterbauer
sound by: Till Röllinghoff
production designer: Reinhild Blaschke
costume designer: Charlotte Sawatzki
make-up artist: Christin Läßig
editor: Inge Schneider
casting by: Ulrike Müller
music by: Beckmann, Cinesong
IFF Hof 2009

Max-Ophüls-Preis Saarbrücken
BUFF Film Festival, Malmö