a film by Francis Girod

a co-production of LICHTBLICK FILM
and Ognon Pictures, arte France Cinéma, France 2 Cinéma, ZDF/arte
in collaboration with Rhône-Alpes Cinéma, Studio Canal

When journalist Julien Rossi (Antoine de Caunes) comes to in the hospital, all is not as it should be.
The amnesia that de Caunes suffers as a result of a blow to the head has erased all memory of the previous 50 days of his life. Julien’s only point of orientation is his best friend Lucas (Jean-Pierre Lorit), but he suddenly begins to act extremely strange and reserved. At least Lucas is able to identify the woman who keeps coming to visit Julien in the hospital: Marlène (Martina Gedeck) is Julien’s new flame for whom, according to Lucas, Julien had recently abandoned Anna (Carole Bouquet), his partner of many years.

On being discharged from the hospital Julien stands before the shards of his existence. The 50 days before amnesia set in had apparently brought about such a radical change in his life that his old friends have cut him off and he has become a magnate for new, dubious contacts. 
The only building material Julien has to start bridging the gap in his memory is his last journalistic research, dealing with issues surrounding genetically manipulated food. His work had uncovered explosive information about prion-contaminated food supplements. But as he examines his own research he uncovers a Julien unrecognizable to himself.
What is his connection to the shadowy, wealthy Lelièvre brothers (Emmanuel & Christophe Guillon)? What role does his best friend Lucas play in all this? 
As Julien is about to expose the major scandal, the might of the multinational food corporations makes itself felt.
Julien receives a tempting offer. But whom can he trust now when he can’t even trust himself?

Antoine de Caunes
Carole Bouquet
Jean-Pierre Lorit
Martina Gedeck
Marie-France Pisier
Claude Miller
Mireille Roussel
Emmanuel & Christophe Guillon
Hanns Zischler

screenwriters: Francis Girod, Philippe Gougrand
director: Francis Girod
producer: Humbert Balsan
co-producer: Joachim Ortmanns
commissioning editor: ZDF/arte - Meinolf Zurhorst
sound by: Fritz Blechschmidt
film editor: Isabelle Dedieu
DoP: Thierry Jault
set designer: Thierry François
costume designer: Elisabeth Rousseau
make-up artist: Evelyne Byot
make-up artist (Carole Bouquet): Jacques Clemente
casting by: Celia Ducloux
music by: Laurent Petitgirard

Berlinale, 2006

Festival du film policier de Cognac