a film by Elia Suleiman

a co-production by LICHTBLICK FILM
with Ognon Pictures, Arte France, Gimages Films, Soread 2M
in collaboration with Filmstiftung NRW, CNC, Ministére Française de la Culture et de la Communication, Ministére des Affaires Etrangère, Hubert Bals Fund, Ford Foundation, European Commission (East Jerusalem Office), French General Consulate (Cultural Service East Jerusalem)

distribution Germany: Alamode Film
world sales: Pyramide International

35mm / 92 minutes / Dolby SR / Color

In Nazareth, under a guise of banal normalcy, the town embraces folly. Under pressure from his falling business, a man takes matters into his own hands and tries to break a chain reaction of petty feuds. He breaks down himself. The man is E.S. father.

A love story takes place between a Palestinian man living in Jerusalem and a Palestinian woman from Ramallah. The man – E.S. –shifts between his ailing father and his love life, trying to keep both alive.

Because of the political situation, the woman`s freedom of movement ends at the Isaraeli army checkpoint between the two cities. Barred from crossing, the lovers intimate encounters takes place on a deserted lot right beside the checkpoint. The lovers are unable to exempt reality from occupation. They are unable to preserve their intimacy in the face of a siege.

A complicity of solemn desire begins to generate violent repercussions and against the odds, their angry heart counter-attack with spasms of spectacular fantasy.

Elia Suleiman
Manal Khader
Nayef Fahoum Daher

written and directed by: Elia Suleiman
producer: Humbert Balsan
co-producer: Joachim Ortmanns
DoP: Marc-André Batigne
editor: Veronique Lange
art designer: Miguel Markin, Denis Renault
music by: Mirwais / Natacha Atlaas

Preis der Jury und FIPRESCI Preis, Festival de Cannes
Screen International Award for a non-European Film, European Film Awards
Jury Preis ‚Silver Hugo’, Chicago International Film Festival
Toronto International Film Festival

New York Film Fest
Pusan International Film Festival
Singapore International Film Festival
Warschau International Film Festival