a film by Andi Rogenhagen

a LICHTBLICK FILM production
in co-production with WDR und arte
in collaboration with Filmstiftung NRW

35mm / 91 minutes / Dolby SR / Color

Location: the working-class Ruhr Valley metropolis Dortmund. It’s summer. It’s hot. For Paul (Robert Glatzeder), a first semester med. student for several years running, the appeal of the party life is finally beginning to wear thin. He’d actually like to get back to his studies, and the part-time job dealing drugs for Ingo (Alexander Strobele) and his younger half-brother 'Super' (Steffen Schult) is getting too edgy for comfort. An opportune moment for the two brothers to offer Paul a last lucrative number before he quits the business: a shipment of synthetic drugs needs to be driven to Brussels. Paul agrees to take the job – and a sample of the wares that sends him straight to the emergency room.

By the time he regains consciousness, the night nurse (Nina Petri in a cameo appearance) has already informed his father Willi (Dieter Pfaff). Assuming his son is on heroin, the heavy-set auto mechanic hits the roof. He bundles Paul into his tow truck and hauls him back home to the rural Münsterland, where Willi’s DIY rehab program starts with locking Paul up the dog kennel. The father’s auto repair shop has seen better days and now looks more like a junkyard. Mother Maria (Traute Hoess) had packed up and moved into the village a year ago, where she’s opened a dry-cleaning shop. When he comes to in the kennel, Paul rants and raves and demands his freedom. But father Willi stands his ground. His buys a medical pulp novel – ‘The Woman Who Doubted Dr. Fabian’ – in the village shop and tosses into the kennel with Paul: “Learn that by heart and I’ll let you out!”
Back in Dortmund the search for Paul is already on. His girlfriend Lena (Lilia Lehner) is especially concerned, and when Ingo and Super show up at her place with a warning for Paul, the alarm bells really start ringing. Although she has no more than a vague hunch where Paul might be, she jumps into her old Cadet and heads for the Münsterland. That’s just what Ingo and Super were waiting for: they take up the chase.

Robert Glatzeder
, Dieter Pfaff
Lilia Lehner
Traute Hoess
Alexander Strobele
Steffen Schult
als Gast Nina Petri

written and directed by: Andi Rogenhagen
producer: Joachim Ortmanns, Carl-Ludwig Rettinger
commisional editer: WDR - Michael André, Arte - Georg Steinert
production manager: Christian Fürst
sound by: Fritz Blechschmidt
editor: Gergana Voigt
DoP: Andreas Höfer
art designer: Peter Menne
costume designer: Ute Paffendorf
make-up artist: Ulrike Schäperklaus
casting by: Anja Dihrberg
music by: Ingo Kays mit Carnival of Souls

Filmfestival Max Ophüls Preis

Kinofest Lünen