easy love

A film by Tamer Jandali

A co-production of Lichtblick Film and WDR
With the support of Film- und Medienstiftung NRW

Distributed by mindjazz pictures


easy love is the first feature film of Tamer Jandali. His way of working shifted between
documentary and fiction when he followed seven women and men from Cologne on their
search for a balance between emotional security and sensual fulfillment. In four months of
shooting those protagonists acted as braver versions of themselves. The camera opened
the possibility to pursue their unlived dreams, fears and fantasies and ultimately
experiencing them in reality. By shooting in a small team, always on the edge between
documentary and fiction, Tamer Jandali created space for intimacy and a new form of
cinematic authenticity.
Lenny is falling in love with Pia. Both don’t know much about each other, but sparks were
flying and Lenny promptly travels back to Cologne to move in with Pia. They roam through
the nights, are brave and start to open up. Pina has never dated a woman before. And
Lenny fears to be just another „experiment“ after a failed relationship. Suddenly living in an
one-room apartment together creates intimacy and before too long also friction. Are they
really made for each other?
Sören is always on the hunt for new conquests. He doesn’t want to commit nor grow any
older – and feels lonely. His 40th birthday lies ahead and Sören slowly admits to himself,
that his life needs to change. Will his new liaison Marie be the perfect opportunity?
Nic and Stella are in an open relationship. Everyday life has a lot of struggle in store –
with jealousy and with communicating openly and clearly about it. But they wont give up
their idealistic form of relationship and fight against their fears and demons.
After moving back in with her mother, Sophia has to hold her ground alongside her three
sisters. Her sidejob with paid dates proves to be an explosive element in the women
headed household. Sophia defends herself against all accusations, but soon she has to
decide how to deal with her night-time experiences.
Four shared month in the heart of Cologne connect the protagonists of this ensemble-film.
It was shot with a small team until the summer was over.

Director: Tamer Jandali
Producer: Lino Rettinger
DOP: Janis Mazuch
Sound: Jule Vari
Montage: Leonhard Lierzer, Amparo Mejías, Yana Höhnerbach BFS
Dramaturgy/Storylining: Sebastian Stobbe, Kirsten Loose, Dorothea Nölle
Psychological consulting: Danja Tripler
Director's assistance: Agnes Karolski, Levin Hübner
Producer's assistance: Nikolas Körner
Unit Manager: Janosch Weber
Scenery: Svenja Matthes
DIT: Jan Pfitzner
Sounddesign: Jascha Viehl
Dialogue edit and foley: Holger Buff
Colorist: Felix Hüsken BVK, CSI
Retouch: Fabian Eisenacher
Title & Graphics: André Britz
Insurance: Frank Hübner
Production Accountance: Bernhard Rand
Production management: Yvonne Gottschalk
Line producer: Carl-Ludwig Rettinger
Producerin WDR: Claudia Bach
Editor WDR: Corinna Liedtke

Sophia Seidenfaden
Lenika Lukas
Pina Felizitas
Sönke Andersen
Stella Vivien Dhingra
Niclas Jüngermann